What Ladybugs Mean – in Love, Luck, Signs, and Symbols – with Chart

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Most of us have been in the position where a Ladybug lands on our arms, or hands, we smile and marvel at its bright red cuteness for a while before letting it go. Here’s what Ladybugs mean…

Ladybugs are associated with a lot of symbolism, spirituality, and Lore throughout the ages. Such things as love, luck, life, spirits, and protection. Based on seeing a ladybug, a ladybug landing on you, ladybugs in dreams, in folklore, and culture. Resulting in predictions, blessings, and more.

You came here to find something about what ladybugs mean, so I hope I can deliver the answer. I’ve listed as many connections as I know of.

Strangely, the Ladybird is one of the few beetles that people are LESS likely to kill or be repulsed about. Most of which we can put down to the look of them. But is there something deeper and more meaningful going on? Something we just can’t quite put our finger on?

Below you will find all aspects of what Ladybugs are connected with, In Astrology, Spiritualism, and Religion. In Symbolism, Contact, and Dreams, as well as Culture & Folklore.

Or scroll down to see my quick reference table!

What Ladybugs Mean – General Ladybug Meaning

On a very lofty, ethereal level. Ladybugs are generally associated with Good Fortune and Good Luck. They bring with them a sense of Future Prosperity. Their bright and Colourful look, along with their happy-go-lucky travels means living life without boundaries.

Ladybugs make most people smile and feel they’ve been blessed, during a usually brief, yet heartwarming encounter.

We have to remember that the Ladybug isn’t just about meaning, it’s actually very important to humans too.

Seeing a Ladybug

Even just seeing a Ladybug has its meanings attached to it. If you see a ladybug, more often than not – in many spiritual circles, this means the person looking upon it is about to be favored with prosperity.

This isn’t necessarily financial prosperity, it could be spiritual, personal, or beneficial.

Take note of the spots, and their level of darkness too. The darker the color of the spots, the greater the amount of fortune you’re likely to receive.

What Ladybugs Mean for Newly-Weds

For those recently married, seeing a ladybug has additional meaning. Count the spots, as these will provide you with the number of children you’re going to have.

This belief is further evidenced by the name the Italians give to the Ladybug – ‘commaruccia’. In English, this means ‘little midwives’. Because Midwives bless you with children. However, I kind of hope you don’t see a 24-spot Ladybug! Wow!

Sammy the Ladybug

Find out what Ladybugs means in many different Languages and Cultures.

Killing a Ladybug

If you come across the path of a Ladybug that has already died then there is no meaning. It’s just the circle of life and simply the end time in the Ladybug Life Cycle.

During its life though, the Ladybug is a strong symbol of the human soul. It resides under the eternal protection of the Virgin Mary – ‘Anima Della’ meaning ‘Soul of Our Lady’. Therefore if you were to kill a Ladybird, it is told you will be invoking a period of bad luck, said to last for nine straight days.

A much more harsh belief is that one who kills a ladybug faces their own death the very next day. Which does seem harsh to me, I mean what if it’s by accident?

Ladybugs and the Virgin Mary

Talking of the Virgin Mary, in the times before Christianity, the Ladybug had other meanings concerning deities, which have morphed over time into Christianity and since then even more modern themes.

The main Ladybug Folklore/Legend is that of two farmers, during the middle ages, whose crops were blighted with Aphids.

One day they prayed profusely to the Virgin Mary to send a solution to their failing crops. Only then to be descended upon by a horde of Ladybugs …who proceeded to feast on all the Aphids.

The crop was saved, the farmers shared their tale and the Ladybug name was forever linked with the name of ‘The Beetle of Our Lady’

The Golden Bird

The Ladybird has yet another name in some parts of Britain. That of Golden Bird or ‘Goldie-bird’. As she is thought to be the bringer of all gifts to people and spirits.

Bread, Wine, and Oil to God, Mary, and Jesus. Bringing with it too the gift of life, luck, and prosperity to all humankind.

Count Your Blessings

A reminder that seeing the spots on the Ladybug is the Universe telling you it’s time to count the blessing you already have around you.

Take a moment and think of as many ways you are blessed as the number of spots on the Ladybird. Then, any luck and good fortune will be bestowed upon you.

Seeing a Ladybird Without Any Spots

Means an imminent meeting of true love, or the rekindling of an old love. For those already with their true love, this sighting serves as a reminder to maintain their love affair with that person.

Ladybugs in Your Home/House

Seeing a ladybug in your house signposts a period of good luck. You’re likely to be showered with good fortune.

Another belief is that it signals the coming of a newborn baby. As newborn babies and Ladybugs go hand in hand this is not surprising.  Buying a Ladybug gift for a newborn is said to be significant in bringing them luck and prosperity (see other meanings for further information on this)

When You Dream About Ladybugs

A ladybug appearing during your dreams signals the advent of good or bad news, often from a source least expected, perhaps a stranger or an acquaintance long forgotten.

There are characteristics of the dream and the Ladybug in it that may provide greater significance and clarity.

Here’s what a Ladybug Means in your Dreams…

  • In your dream, the Ladybird falls to the ground. Your current hard work and endeavors may be delayed.
  • Numerous Ladybugs means a sense of many small details being missed and possibly a sense of overwhelming.
  • A larger-than-life Ladybug signals an abundance of choices before you
  • A Ladybug seen within a garden signifies a need to be true to yourself
  • A Ladybug in free flight, unhindered, implies freedom and prosperity in Love and Labours
  • A Ladybug Flying away from you signals a missed opportunity of a fulfilling path.
  • Flying toward you signifies an approach of good fortune and an opportunity.

A Ladybug Lands on You

If a ladybug lands on you it generally means you’re in line to receive some luck going your way. But there are a variety of interpretations of this

  • Offer up a wish the moment the Ladybug lands, then it is said the wish will come true. But count the spots before it goes. These are the number of years or months that you will have to be patient until the wish is fulfilled.
  • If a Ladybug lands anywhere on your clothing, that means you’ll soon be getting some new clothing.
  • Next Sunday is going to be a bright and sunny day for you if the Ladybug flies away the moment it lands on you.
what ladybugs mean
if a ladybug lands on you, make a wish

The Unwed Will Be Wed

For an unwed woman, the significance of a Ladybug landing on her hand is meant to mean a marriage within a year! As evidenced by the following passage from Shepherds’ week quote.

“This lady-fly I take from the grass
Whose spotted back might scarlet red surpass?
Fly, lady-bird; north, south, or east or west
Fly where the man is found that I love best”.
~ John Gay, 1714, The Shepherd’s Week

If a Ladybug Bites You

It may seem like quite a nip, but don’t be disheartened, it’s also meant to be a sign. The message here is to lighten up, take life a little less seriously and bring the love and luck back into your life.

A Ladybug Lands on Your Car

This could be on, or in your car. A message of safe travel and reaching your destination securely and unhindered. Also signaling a compelling direction toward getting back to loved ones.

Ladybugs and Babies

If you offer a Ladybug gift of some kind, with a Ladybug on it for a newborn baby. An article of clothing or a toy depicting a Ladybug in any form is a talisman of protection and safekeeping and a blessing over the new child.

Seeing a Yellow Ladybug Meaning

Seeing a Yellow Ladybug signals an adventure and travels to different or far-flung places. It could also signal a new love, or a new chapter about to take place in your life, particularly if you’ve gone through a period of inactivity in life and love.

14 spotted ladybug
14 spotted Ladybug CC BY-SA 3.0Link
if you see a yellow ladybug, it means adventure, travel, new love, or a new chapter

Ladybug Passes a True Love Message

In old Asian traditions, there is a belief that if one can catch and then release a Ladybug, the Ladybug has been served a message it must deliver.

It will fly within a whispering distance of your true intended love. The Ladybug will then whisper your name. Once heard, your true love will be compelled to seek you out and be by your side.

What Ladybugs Mean – Protest Symbol

Images and Symbols of Ladybirds are used in the Netherlands. Distributed through street tiles and meant to symbolize a universal protest against violence.

Ladybug in Celtic Folklore

For the Celts, and in particular, in Ireland, the Ladybird is a symbol of Protection.

Denny the Ladybug

Did You Know…
Ladybugs can fly for up to 2 hours, covering up to 74 miles
Show me more amazing Ladybug Facts

Ladybug In Norse Mythology

There are many Norse beliefs, but one such belief concerns the God Freya, the goddess of Love and Beauty and a virgin mother. They say the Ladybug first arrived on earth in a shard of lightning and of her calling.

Ladybugs and Shamanism

The Ladybug represents spirituality and undying religious devotion.

The relative shortness of its natural life reminds us that life is too short to let fears, uncertainties, and doubts have power over us. Instead, it brings forth a renewal of life and of the soul, and a message that faith holds the greatest power of all.

A Ladybug as a Chosen Totem Animal

The child sees life as wonderful and magical, colorful like a Ladybug and free as a Ladybird. A Ladybug as your Animal Totem signifies the young in all of us.

The high-spirited zest for life, knowledge, and learning. Being inquisitive and a constant seeker of a new adventure

As trusting and accepting as only a child can be, and finding joy in all things small and grand. Liked by all and content to be with others or yourself, comfortable in your own surroundings.

Ladybug Children’s Rhyme Meaning

A rhyme, taken from old England. A children’s warning to all the Ladybugs that remain in the fields after all the crops have been harvested.

“Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home,
Your house is on fire, and your children are gone”

Fields after harvesting were regularly burned so that the stalks would return goodness to the soil. The children would warn the Ladybirds to return home and save their family from the flames.

What Ladybug Mean – Quick Reference Table

Type of Ladybug
Level & MeaningOutcome of Ladybug
General Ladybug
Sighting, Spiritual,
Fortune, Prosperity,
Seeing a LadybugSighting, Spiritual,
Newly Wed CoupleContact, Spiritual,
Count Spots = Number of Children you will have
Unwed WomanContact, Spiritual,
Marriage within a
Killing a ladybug1. Of Your Making

2. Already Passed
1. Bad Luck For Nine
2. No Meaning, Just the Circle of Life
Ladybugs & The
Virgin Mary
Religious, Divine
Summoned to Help
The Golden BirdFolklore,
Gift of life, luck prosperity to humankind.
Count Your BlessingsSighting, ReligiousCount Blessing p/Spot
Seeing Ladybug
Without Spots
Sighting, Folklore,
Imminent Meeting or Rekindling True Love
Ladybugs In Your
A period of good luck, fortune, or Coming of a Newborn Baby
Dreams About
1. Ladybug Falling
2. Numerous Ladybugs
3. Larger Than Life
4. Sighting in a Garden
5. In Free Flight
6. Flying Away 
7. Flying Toward You
1. Delayed Hard Work
2. Small Details Missed
3. Abundance of Choice
4. Sign, Be True to You
5. Prosperity & Love
6. Missed Opportunity
7. Approaching Good
Fortune, Opportunity
Ladybug Lands On
Contact, Symbolic
1. One Lands On You
2. It Lands & then Flies
3. Lands On Your
1. Offer a Wish. Plus
Spots = Number of Yrs / Months to Fulfilment
2. Next Sunday is Good
3. Expect New Clothing Soon
Ladybug Bites YouSymbolic, MessageLighten Up, Enjoy Life More
Ladybug on/in Your
Symbolic, Blessing,
Safe Passage, Returning to Loved Ones
Ladybugs & BabiesSymbolic, Blessing,
Bless, Protect Babies
with a gift of Ladybug Item or Symbol
Seeing Yellow LadybugSighting, Symbolic,
Love, Life
Signals Adventure,
Travel, New Love,
New Chapter
Ladybug Love
Contact, Folklore, Love
The Ladybug Will deliver Your Name to your True Love
Ladybug Protest
Folklore, Message,
A Symbol Against
Celtic SymbolFolklore, Symbolic,
In Ireland, a Ladybug
is a Symbol of Protection
Norse MythologyFolklore, LoveBrought by the
Goddess Freya 
ShamanismFolklore, ReligiousUndying religious
devotion to life & Soul
Ladybug Totem
Symbolic, Spiritual,
Youth, Trust, Joy,
Zest For Life
Ladybug children’s
Nursery Rhyme
Folklore, ProtectionWarning Ladybirds to Fly Home During Crop Burning After Harvest
what ladybugs mean – quick reference table

What Ladybugs Mean – Conclusion

We all like Ladybugs, are many of these things there because we would like to believe these cute beetles are associated with them? Or is there in fact some truth in it all?

I simply love these meanings, so I’d like to think so…

So I’m one to err on the side of optimism. It’s easy to discard something that cannot be proven. I believe though, it’s nobler to accept that it may just, or may not be true, and we may never know for sure. I kind of like the mystery behind many of these.

I’d really love to know about your weird and wonderful encounters with Ladybugs. You came here to find out, so share what you have and let us all join in the unknowing mystery surrounding ladybugs.

I’d love to add to my list of spirituality or symbolism, dreams, religion, myths, and legends about Ladybugs.

Know someone who is a Ladybug Fan? Why not buy them a gift, I’ve compiled the best ones available on my resources page. You will also find a whole bunch of Ladybug Activities and resources too.

Related Questions

What Does a Dead ladybug Mean? It’s sad, but first, is it actually dead? If so, there’s nothing of any sign here, the spirit of a dead ladybug has already passed, along with any meanings it might have carried.

Any messages have gone with it. Unless it was you who killed the Ladybug, then you need to read the entry in this article.

56 Replies to “What Ladybugs Mean – in Love, Luck, Signs, and Symbols – with Chart”

  1. Hi I’m Ashley and I’m 11, today I was watching YouTube and a yellow ladybug came, so I got
    a cup and caught it but, I released it after some mins, but yeah I did not touch it because I have learned that if you see a animal that looks very pretty don’t touch it. Also, tomorrow I have school, so 1st day back to school

    1. Thanks for sharing the story Ashley, do check out my article on identifying Yellow Ladybugs too. I’m so glad you were kind to it and let it go 🙂
      Have fun at school 🙂

  2. In the last two weeks, I have been surrounded by ladybugs. They are the yellow variety. I really do not know what this means. I currently have 2 in my home and just had 2 more land on me while sitting on my deck.

    1. In a past month, I keep seeing ladybugs and finding them, usually in my hair. I haven’t paid any attention on the number of their spots, but they are usually yellow. I never saw a yellow ladybug before.🤣

  3. I was sitting outside and something landed near the corner of my mouth on my face. Startled I brushed it away, first I thought it was a bee but then realized when watching it fly away that it was a lady bug. I read your entire article but not sure where my encounter with this ladybug fits in. When I told my partner, he responded, “That has to be good luck.” Curiosity brought me to your article but hoping you could bring some more clarity! Thank you.

    1. Hi I’ve moved 3 times in the last 2 years and everywhere I move lady bugs seem to follow me no matter what I see them in my house all the time . What does this mean ? Thank you

  4. Hi thank you for your post!
    Several weeks ago a ladybird was on me whilst I was on a busy enclosed train!
    Last night I felt something fall on my head whilst on a bus
    I thought it was a leaf or something similar r
    I then saw the man opposite me flick something off of his clothing
    I looked to the floor to see what was on my head was a beautiful lady bird I picked her up and took her off the bus she was a light red orangey colour! Very strange as both times have been on public transport definitrky a blessing!!!

  5. Hello! Im luna, i moved to new place in cold region, i heard a noise go to my window in living room saw three lady bugs on their back one small the middle medium large and the other had wings out but large normal bug they were still kicking but clearly dying, it hurt my soul was so upset see them dead, i noticed 2 more ,one on the outside of my screen and another orange shade turning red in between my window and screen, i was upset bc they were caught -i had sprayed the windows to not have pest bugs come in through gaps- . Now theyre just collecting in the danger zone .. i felt lucky blissful but confused because they werent fully red had hints of orange and the baby lady bug they were all half dead i couldn’t get them out so i had to spray the area fully to get them out their misery.

    1. Luna: Please stop using those sprays. I landed on this page because a beautiful red ladybird bug landed on me this morning. Please stop killing insects with chemicals. I guess this was what “my” ladybird wanted to say.

  6. hi,

    I was in the back garden yesterday in Auckland, NZ and a beautiful blue ladybird landed on my hand. After a few seconds rested it bit me! so funny then it flew away.

    thanks for sharing your invite on the wonderful spiritual world of ladybirds xo


  7. Hi my name is Jemma, everywhere I go I always have a ladybird close by.. every house iv lived in,iv always got ladybirds in it..! I lived in a flat on the 11th floor a few years ago and I still had ladybirds living me..??! I’m currently living in a 1st floor massionatte and I have ladybirds everywhere on my walls and balcony..! But there not on anyone else’s houses..!? Why..??! (Only mine)Even my children say that whenever I go I have ladybirds following me..?! It’s now a family joke! I’m known for having ladybirds following me everywhere I go.. I Once went away for a weekend about 6/7 years ago and when I came home I had thousands of them in my bedroom..! They was all huddled together in a big bundle..! They was all on my bed,windows,window sills,floors ect..! I really couldn’t believe it..! I called my mum and family up for them to come round to see it.. and no one could believe what they was seeing..! So I just shut the door and left them to it..! And after a week or so most of them had left but I was left with loads of dead ones ☹️ So I had to hoover them up from off my bed and floor..! I first noticed it about 8yrs ago and since then iv lived in 4 different houses.. and iv has ladybirds living inside and on the outside of every house/flat..! They follow me everywhere I go they land on me and they are on my clothes..!? What does this mean??

  8. I had quite a scary dream of thousands of them crawling all over me, while naked, last night! It was rather traumatising.. I have since read this can mean chaos or financial crises… I hope not, but with a relationship since coming to an end and all my finances will mainly be put towards my home etc, this seems like it might foretell what is going to happen next in my life… I certainly hope not 🙁

    1. Oh dear, things always get better! Ladybugs usually being a sign of good luck, perhaps they were surrounding you with good fortune for what is going to happen next! I hope so and I hope it comes to you soon, good luck, thank you for sharing, Emma x

  9. Hi I would just like to state a ladybug that is black with 4 orange dots landed on my left arm. The ladybug stayed upon my arm taking a ride for about 4-6minutes and then I wanted the ladybug to go so I removed the ladybug safely letting it go un hurt. I do not know what this means and I’ve read that I should make a wish? I did in fact not count my wishes but I counted my blessing. Any feedback would be appreciate Have a nice day.

  10. I just discovered a ladybug crawling on my desk at 2am in the middle of winter. I didn’t even know they were still around in the middle of winter. There were five spots on it. So according to your article I may experience some good fortune within the next 5 months/years. Thats interesting. Everybody likes some good fortune. I very carefully let to go outside. Now I’m very curious. I haven’t seen a ladybug in several years until tonight.

  11. Every morning I come to this one bench n sit down n eat n drink n always there comes this lady bug orange with 16 black dots it always crawls on me every time stays by me won’t leave wat does it means always

  12. Hi Name Sandra I walk outdoor into my driveway by bushes Here come numbers of lady bug flying all over my body just bitting me everywhere . Surely this was a blessing I went to casino won 2200 hundreds dollars I have been bless with money For 4 yrs Straight.Thank you lady bugs 🐞🐞🐞

  13. My beloved cat, Hobo Jr., died 3 days ago; he was only six years old. I asked to be given a sign because I miss him so very much and I walked into the kitchen and there was a ladybug walking on my kitchen floor. I gently picked her up and placed her outside. Does this mean that Hobo Jr. will come back to me? Thank you for you reply.

    1. Aww sorry to hear about your cat, it may not mean he will come back, but it may be a sign that he’s “around”. We often get a gut instinct which tells us it’s a sign and sometimes it’s clear what it means, if you get that instinct, then even taking it as a good sign will help.

  14. hi i have question in the last 24 hours I have found around six ladybugs in my room i asked my mom she said that it was mabey a loved one that has passed away.(p.s.they were only in my room no one else’s room!?) so I looked it up and that where I found this site.

  15. Hello I’m Roxanne an I work at hotel in the laundry department … Anyways I was putting away the sheets I had folded an out of no where there was this beautiful ladybug 🐞.. I said to myself aww I’m gunna have good luck today..its just crazy because I walk back an forth all day long in my lil area an never seen it just popped out of no where…

  16. Fair warning, this will be a long comment! This afternoon I was running errands and ran into an old friend. My friend has been struggling trying to conceive for a while now. Back in October I suffered a super early miscarriage and have found my friend’s posts regarding her TTC journey on social media to be one of few comforts during that time. Anyway, today she told me the beautiful and exciting news that she just found out she is pregnant! I feel like anyone else I would have felt a sense of jealousy and discouragement; however, her news brought me both joy for her and her husband as well as hope for my own journey! Upon arriving home this afternoon I noticed a ladybug on my window. I can’t really explain why this struck me so. It’s not as though I’ve never seen a ladybug before but I just knew somehow it meant something as crazy as that sounds! I found myself here and was stunned when I stumbled upon the section of what a ladybug in your home represents! It’s too weird of a circumstance I believe to be a “coincidence” the universe is so beautiful how it communicates when your eyes are open and your ears are ready to listen! Truly, praise the Lord, the beautiful Earth He’s provided and all the bountiful blessings He bestows!

  17. I just found one today my sister noticed it in my bathroom I just acknowledged it and made sure it was safe placed a washcloth at the drain first then closed the drain later went back in bathroom and noticed he went towards the nightlight then crawled up the wall I removed the nightlight because I was afraid he was going to burn up so I watched him some more and noticed he was crawling towards a makeup bag he had very light yellow/orange and faint black spots about nine of them … I’m still looking for him to return to the same spot… how can I lure him in I read your posts and was wondering what you come up with

  18. Hi am Julie. I came across a ladybug yesterday on my way back home. I don’t really understand how come I’ve sight the ladybug on the street while I was crossing towards my gate. I stopped just to avoid crossing over him. Today I was cooking and again strangely a ladybug fall upon the pot cover that was on the fire. I was so concerned and rushed to resque him fastly before he got burn. I place him on a piece of cloth and whisper to God, ‘please don’t let him die. I see him moving and so I let him out through the window. This evening I was about to check the meaning of ladybug but my phone rang and I was almost about to cry with surprise. It was my brother that I haven’t heard from for five years. We talk for almost an hour and am so happy. Does my brother call has something to do with the ladybug? Please help me understand. Much love.

  19. I am so happy to come across this site. Lately, Lady Birds have been crossing my path when I am in deep emotional turmoil. within the past two months every time I have been in a deep, reflective, emotional state a Lady Bird appears (I live in Canada and it is Winter…they have found hibernation in the home). The first time it happened I was fighting back tears as I boiled water for tea and I felt something on my bare thigh (not sure if it was a bite or it flying into me). When I went to go wipe it away, I was surprised to see it was a Lady Bird. I was worried I had injured it’s wing, so I put it on the counter to inspect and gave it a droplet of water. After a lil water and recalibrating the Lady Bird was fine – I brought it to a plant. After this happened I began looking up different spiritual meanings of Lady Bugs. Nothing has compared to this site, it was exactly what I was looking for. The next two times I had a Lady Bird visitor, the same emotional turmoil was happening. The Lady Bird has become a special blessing for me in times of deep healing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  20. Just wondering what is your source for the Asian belief that it’ll whisper your name to your true love. Funny thing is on my first date with my girlfriend we sat down at a park and she spotted a ladybug on my arm. I plan to propose and put the ring in a ladybug box but I want to be sure a ladybug is a good symbol in Chinese culture (we’re chinese).

  21. One has just appeared on a curtain in my bedroom, I wonder if I should just let it go outside by opening the window but my intuition told me to just let it stay. Blessings!

  22. My “Team of Spirits”, the ladybugs…
    Today marked my first day that I felt my life has overcome a stagnate living period of 6 months. I have been uplifted, filled with high energy, gifted with spiritual Septarium Rocks, started my new job, and finding myself again. I felt that seeing these ladybugs were my “Team of Spirits” telling me that I am blessed and my time to emerge and evolve is NOW!!! 🙂

  23. I have had several ladybugs either land on or near me this week.
    I love animal symbolism but kept forgetting to look up ladybug.
    Then, this morning, I had a dream about a huge ladybug!
    I loved all of your interpretations and symbolism! Thank you so much for this article.

  24. I recently was at the beach. A ladybug red with several very black spots landed first on my shoe. I let her stay a while, once I moved, she flew away. Didn’t see her at first. Then she came back and landed on me again. Don’t remember spot of second landing. She stayed only few seconds then flew away. What does it mean if they land on you twice? Also I’ve heard it said that the spots on the ladybug also say how old they are. Is that true?

    1. Thanks Linda. If they land on you twice, then the message probably has a deeper meaning, I’d say you need to take heed of the message being delivered – whatever that might be. And I’m afraid it’s a myth that the number of spots state how old the Ladybug is. See my article here for what the spots mean on a ladybug.

  25. My name is jake, I came across a yellow Ladybug, so I decided I searched it up and the meaning of seeing one, when I was 3 my dad sadly left me, he passed away, feathers cross my path all the time and I always think of him, and I realised yellow ladybug symbolises sort of a story that happened in my life.

  26. My son and I were driving after my eleven-year-old daughter passed away when we were suddenly surprised by a horde of migrating ladybugs swooping onto the windshield and flying away. We felt like it was Holly checking on us and letting us know she was ok!

  27. Hi.
    One day, I was chatting with my friend outside our gate, and there was this little thing flewn on my head and I was disturbed. Then in awhile, in my right hand; I saw an orange lady bug with 4 spots and cross line in the center. I keep it and put it in a small jar. Sometimes I open the cover to let air in. It is still alive and its 3 days now since I have it. I would like to know if what does this mean to have it in my hand. Thank you.

  28. Today I found ladybug in the sea, I saved her from drawing but she couldn’t fly still I was so happy to see her alive.

  29. For the past few days I keep seeing ladybugs in my house. Last week my daughter kept pointing it out, then today while I’m cleaning the kitchen I see one crawling on the wall next to me. But the one today barely had any spots and it was slightly yellow. I’ve always loved them since I was a kid and used to capture them and let them crawl on me for good luck until it flew away.🐞❤️

  30. Yesterday and today outside my window I’ve been seeing numerous ladybugs flying around. Now i have 3 inside my window and one in my bedroom🤔

  31. So i have a broken foot and use a knee scooter, this morning i accidentally rolled over one, i noticed it at the very last second and felt so bad. But 4 hours later, while eating some lunch another one lands near me. Both incidents were inside my office at work so i really want to know the significance behind this.

  32. I had a yellow ladybug land on the left part of my chest while out horseback riding on my birthday a couple of days ago. At first I didn’t realize it was a ladybug because it was a faint yellow color. Usually when I see a lady bug, it’s red with black spots. This was the first time I’d seen a yellow one with black spots. It stayed on my chest for maybe 30 seconds or longer and then flew away. Also, typically when I see a bug on me I immediately hit it to get it off me. For whatever reason, I didn’t do that this time. 💫💫❤️

  33. I was sitting in my chair in the living room and I looked down at the arm chair and their was a lady bug beside me on my chair. 😊❤

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