Calligrapha Beetle, Description, Location, Habitat, Images

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The calligrapha beetle can loosely be described as a black and white ladybug type beetle. It’s one of the most intricately styled beetles and one of my favorites. But what is it in terms of taxonomy, habitat, food sources, and more? And where can you find it? Either you arrived here from my articles outlining […]

Do Ladybugs Sleep? The Ladybugs Nocturnal and Sleep Habits

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Curious to know “do ladybugs sleep?” I’ve done some research and found some fascinating details about their sleeping habits. Let me share them with you. Do Ladybugs Sleep? Yes, ladybugs sleep, mostly at night. But they don’t close their eyes and fall asleep as we do. They enter a resting period, during which they remain […]

Lady Beetle, Ladybug or Ladybird – Here Are All the Names

Ladybug Facts

So ladybug or Ladybird? …They’re red (mostly), they have spots and they’re generally considered cute! But they go by many names. I call them lots of things! But that’s because they’re known by lots of names everywhere, and because of the global availability of my website, I try to make sure I cater to what […]

Where Do Ladybugs Live, Nest, or Hang Out? Here’s Where!

Ladybug Facts

We don’t generally see ladybugs all year round, mainly we just see them at certain times of the year. And it’s often not until we do see them that we start to wonder where they were the rest of the time! Which begs the question, where do ladybugs live? With that in mind, I thought […]

What Ladybugs Eat! Complete Ladybug Menu and Diet, a Guide

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These little bright little creatures have long been loved by kids and adults alike, you may not know much about their diet. So here’s what ladybugs eat, the complete list of ladybugs’ normal daily food types! Here’s the really quick answer, then we’ll dive into more detail… What Do Ladybugs Eat? Aphids and other plant-eating […]