Do Ladybugs Sleep? The Ladybugs Nocturnal and Sleep Habits

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Curious to know if ladybugs sleep? I’ve done some research and found out some fascinating details about their sleeping habits. Let me share them with you. Do Ladybugs Sleep? Yes, ladybugs sleep, mostly at night. But they don’t close their eyes and fall asleep as we do. They enter a resting period, during which they […]

Top 10 Fabulous Ladybug Gifts for Family, Friends and Events

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When thought of and envisioned, a ladybug, or a ladybird as some like to call them, are fine and elegant creatures that immediately catch the eye. The multitude of shades and the sheer vibrancy of their color is enough to leave one in awe. From red to white, the dotted insects are anything but reviled. […]