52 Plants That Ladybugs Love – How To Attract Ladybugs

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So you want plants that ladybugs love. Well luckily, I’m a really keen gardener too. and I do my best to plant flowers, plants, and other flora and fauna that I know my Ladybugs like. I call them ‘my Ladybugs‘ because the ones in my garden I kind of refer to as my friends. Plus, […]

Is this a Ladybug I’ve Found? Bugs that Look Like Ladybugs

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We’ve all been there, you find a Ladybug, or so you think, then someone asks … “Is that actually a Ladybug?” You look on the internet and can’t find much out, except maybe a way of identifying the Ladybug … but of course, that’s only if it IS actually a Ladybug. I’m assuming you arrived […]

Do Ladybugs like Light? What Else Attracts Ladybugs?

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I’ve always been fascinated with ladybugs. There’s just something so simple about how they go about their daily business, and yet, their journey is a complicated one with a number of radically different life stages that almost rival that of the butterfly. We all (generally) love the look of Ladybugs, but we don’t all know […]