Ladybugs in My House, Dealing With an Infestation a Helpful Guide

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Ladybugs are wonderful beneficial garden insects for aphid control. However, dozens of ladybugs grouping up in your house can be annoying and bothersome. They can quickly go from cute, bright and beneficial insects to smelly, annoying beetles. So here’s the quick answer, then we’ll discuss further and add some solutions. Ladybugs in my House! There […]

Ladybug Larvae – Easy Guide and Identifying Them – with Images

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Ladybirds or lady beetles belong to the widespread family of Coccinellidae. Mostly called ladybugs in the USA, these beetles are not technically bugs. More than 5000 species of ladybugs have been identified worldwide including 500 species in the USA. Each with their own unique larvae. Let’s learn more about them… Ladybug Larvae. The newly hatched […]

How Many Legs Does a Ladybug Have – the Anatomy of a Ladybug

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Ladybugs are such tiny yet interesting creatures. I wanted to research their anatomy more closely, considering they have such tiny bodies. Turns out they have really interesting anatomy. How Many Legs Does a Ladybug have? Ladybugs have six legs. This is consistent across all Ladybugs and in fact all species of beetle. But their anatomy […]

The Guide to Ladybugs, Varieties, Habitat, Diet, Anatomy and More

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Ladybugs have been a source of fascination and intrigue for people of all ages for a long time now. However, there is a lot more to ladybugs than just their spotted bright bodies and docile nature. Ladybugs, also known as ladybird beetles or lady beetles, belong to the family “Coccinellidae”, which means “little red sphere”. […]

Do Ladybugs Drink Water? What They Drink and How Much

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Ladybugs are fascinating creatures to study. There is much to learn about them. One thing I wanted to share about these insects was exactly what they consume as their diet. We already understand more about what Ladybugs eat, so mainly I want to focus here on what they drink and how much of it they […]